IRAVOX isn't a real person,
she's an evolving personality of artistic invention.

Sometimes pure science-fiction,
like a cyborg assembled in a laboratory,
the Queen
on a crystal chessboard,
a lunatic in a 30th Century asylumn,
or trapped in the page of a love sick newspaper.
Maybe some fantastic creation
like Alice in Wonderland
or a haunting ghost like character.

IRAVOX, with a scrupulous observing eye,
hands that mime like a marionette,
an abandoned mannequin privi of limbs,
singing to the moon.

Incomplete in form, never completely human.
Devine or demonious... eternally elusive.

Danilo Bajocchi, called The Alchemist, is artistic producer and arranger of IRAVOX, a world, an unexplored planet to be discovered.